Spring into a Healthy Smile!

Good oral hygiene is always important even when you are not going through orthodontic treatment — but it becomes even more important when you begin treatment at Havener Orthodontics. Here are some tips on how to keep teeth healthy while…


Avoiding broken brackets 101

Have broken brackets? Oftentimes when people have broken brackets, it was caused by something that could have been prevented. Perhaps it was the food that they ate or something that they did. The best way to avoid broken brackets is…


Invisalign Q & A

Can anyone get Invisalign treatment? Invisalign is a very popular treatment for straightening your teeth. While some cases are tougher than others, in the hands of an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Havener, it is a very predictable way to straighten…


New Year, New Smile

This New Year chose the gift of a perfect smile! From a cleaner mouth to a boost of confidence, here are just a few benefits of moving straight to a great smile at Havener Orthodontics. 1. Easier to Clean Having…

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Five Tips for Healthier Smile

A beautiful, healthy smile takes work. Today we are sharing some simple tips to keep your pearly whites healthy and shiny.   1. Brush properly twice a day. The way you brush is as important as the number of times…

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Braces 101

Welcome to our Havener Orthodontics blog! Whether you are a new or existing patient, we’re excited you are here. On our blog, we hope to answer all your questions and share tips about orthodontics and oral health! Let’s get started!…